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When encountering such foreign trade orders, you must trade carefully!

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Note: I feel very excited when I see an enquiry, and I will not be very thoughtful in considering things, so I still need to check online or ask some experienced seniors when receiving an order, if there are some questions when receiving an order Improper handl

Less customer background information

In the process of foreign trade communication, you will find that some customers, whether they send emails or communicate directly with you online, cover up their company information. When you ask for specific information, they are not willing to give detailed company information. Information and contact information. If you pay attention to the signature position of their email, you will find that there is no information except the email address. Most of these customers come to you under the banner of other companies.

Frequently ask for free samples

This depends on the situation. Not all customers who ask for free samples are scammers. For example, those who ask for samples of chemical products can neither eat nor use them. Special treatment is required after the request. For fast-moving consumer goods such as clothing, shoes, hats, and small household appliances, if the same customer often asks for samples, you need to pay attention to the customer's intentions. If you want to have all the suppliers give him free samples, then the collection of these samples is a large sum of money, which can be sold directly.

Large order customers

In communicating with foreigners, foreigners often say that our orders are in high demand. His purpose of saying this is to hope that the supplier can give a very low price, but in fact these people have very small orders, and sometimes it may Orders will be cancelled for various reasons. Everyone who does foreign trade knows that the price difference between large orders and small orders is more than one and a half cents, and sometimes they may have to re-open molds, which makes the supplier's gain more than the loss.

Customers with long payment cycles

Suppliers hope to retain customers in various ways. Many foreigners have caught the supplier's psychology and are unwilling to pay the deposit in advance. Adopt the payment method of credit: after 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or even half a year and one year, many foreign trade companies can only agree. It is possible that the customer has sold out the goods and has not paid you. If the customer's capital chain is broken, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Unclear quotation information

Sometimes we will receive some non-detailed quotation materials from customers, and you can’t give specific information if you ask him, but just urge for quotations. There are also some foreigners who placed an order without any objection to the quotation we gave. This cannot be said to be a liar, but it is mostly a trap. Think about it, don’t you bargain when you go to buy things, especially if you buy in large quantities like this. Many foreigners will use supplier contracts to defraud.

Counterfeit brand products

Intellectual property rights are getting more and more attention now, but there are still some middlemen or retailers who use OEM factories to help them process world-renowned brand products. Foreign trade companies must obtain the authorization of these brands before they can produce them, otherwise they will be detained by the customs when you produce them.

Ask for commission

In international trade, commission is a very common expense, but with the development of trade, it has also become a lot of traps. For many suppliers, as long as there are profits to be made, the requirements of customers will generally be agreed. However, some customers will ask the commission as a deposit for the contract, or let the supplier pay him the commission before placing the order. These are basically the traps of scammers.

Third party transaction

Some customers will fabricate various reasons to change the beneficiary or payer after signing the contract. Under normal circumstances, everyone will be alert, but there are so many scammers. In order to dispel the worries of suppliers, foreigners will remit money through Chinese companies. In many cases, these Chinese companies sending money to us are shell companies.

I feel very excited when I see an enquiry, and I will not be very thoughtful in considering things, so I still need to check online or ask some experienced seniors when receiving an order, if there are some questions when receiving an order Improper handling will outweigh the gains. It will not only dampen confidence but also may face loss of money. Therefore, we must be cautious and more cautious!
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