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If the assassination of President Vladimir Putin is really successful, what will be the result?

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Note: If the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin is really successful, what will be the consequences?
刺杀俄罗斯总统普京的行动,假如真的轻而易举地成功了,将会有什么后果? If the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin is really successful, what will be the consequences? 正如二战日本侵华初期,中国也曾有壮士去刺杀日军的高级指挥官,假设当时有人把东条英机成功暗杀了,侵华日军是不是就真的停止武力侵华了? Just as in the early stages of Japan's invasion of China during World War II, there were also brave men in China who went to assassinate senior Japanese commanders. Assuming that someone successfully assassinated Hideki Tojo at that time, would the invading Japanese army really stop using force to invade China? 事实上,大规模侵华的军事行动根本不会多少有影响和拖延,因为日本侵华,本来就是当时必然的发展趋势;东条英机被杀掉了,下面的副官会立即得到提拔来顶替他的职位,因为他们都是残暴凶恶的日本军官,都在服从天皇的命令。 In fact, large-scale military actions against China would not have much impact or delay, because Japan's invasion of China was already an inevitable development trend at that time; Hideki Tojo has been killed, and the deputy below will be immediately promoted to replace him, as they are all cruel and ferocious Japanese officers who are obedient to the Japan emperor's orders. 另外,即使日本天皇被中国成功暗杀了,新的日本天皇也会登基;因为这些真的无法阻挡时代的趋势,顶多会有一些影响而已,日本侵华早就蓄谋已久,是日本整个国家、民族和社会由来已久的变态和阴谋,也是当时日本和周边国家的悲哀,绝非是某个日本领导人突然的心血来潮。 In addition, even if the Japanese Emperor is successfully assassinated by China, the new Japanese Emperor will still ascend to the throne; Because these truly unstoppable trends of the times which only will have some impact at most. Japan's invasion of China has been premeditated for a long time, and it is a long-standing abnormality and conspiracy of the entire country, nation, and society of Japan. It is also a tragedy for Japan and neighboring countries at that time, and it is not a sudden whim of a certain Japanese leader. 同样,即使成功刺杀了希特勒,二战在欧洲一样会爆发,要想根除这个问题,关键是这个社会不能有培育希特勒这种人的土壤环境。 Similarly, even if Hitler is successfully assassinated, World War II will still break out in Europe. To eradicate this problem, the key is that this society cannot have a soil environment for cultivating people like Hitler. 所以,刺杀普京不会太大改变乌克兰的战局;而且,普京并不是希特勒那样的独裁者。 Therefore, the assassination of Putin will not change the military situation in Ukraine much. Moreover, Putin is not a dictator like Hitler。 事实上,俄罗斯也曾多次暗杀泽联斯基;如果成功了,乌克兰就会真的毫无抵抗了吗? In fact, Russia has also assassinated Zelensky multiple times; If successful, will Ukraine really have no resistance? 如果他们能成功刺杀对方领导人,一定程度上肯定可以改变战场形势。 If they can successfully assassinate the opponent's leader, it will definitely change the battlefield situation to a certain extent. 我们只能说,暗杀一个敌方重要领导人比在战场上消灭一个敌军士兵的效果要好无数倍。 We can only say that assassinating an important enemy leader is countless times more effective than eliminating an enemy soldier on the battlefield. 要想尽快实现和平结束目前惨烈的战争,唯一的办法是北约不要东扩,或者乌克兰直接并入俄罗斯,让泽联斯基配合普京去当俄罗斯的副总统,这样可以彻底避免了战争!因为普京和俄罗斯政府并不是独裁的恐怖分子,也一样是民选政府,为什么不能合并的呢? In order to achieve a peaceful end to the current tragic war as soon as possible, the only way is for NATO not to expand eastward, or for Ukraine to directly merge into Russia, and let Zelensky cooperate with Putin to become the vice president of Russia, so that the war can be completely avoided! Because Putin and the Russian government are not dictatorial terrorists, they are also democratically elected governments, why can't they merge? 耶稣说:你们要彼此相爱!乌克兰人民和俄罗斯人民为什么不能彼此相爱的呢?他们可都是基督教的东正教国家!虚假的正义和虚假的爱! Jesus said: You must love each other! Why can't the Ukrainian people and the Russian people love each other? They are all Christian Orthodox countries! False justice and false love! 如果北约在苏联灭亡后解散,那么今天乌克兰战争将不会爆发! If NATO had been dissolved after the demise of the USSR, the war in Ukraine would not have broken out today! 北约,我们不需要任何战争,请立即停止可耻的扩张,尊重俄罗斯的安全, 让全世界对乌克兰人民进行援助! NATO, we don't need any war, please stop the shameful expansion immediately, respect Russia's security, let the whole world help the Ukrainian people! 这篇文章将被北约、乌克兰、俄罗斯和美国政府官员阅读。 This article will be read by government officials from NATO, Ukraine, Russia, and the United States. 原创文章,版权所有. Original article, all rights reserved.
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