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masterbatch chamber directory

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2020-02-16  Source:Plastic Directory  Browse number:2041
Note: Provide large-scale professional exhibition platform of e-commerce for companies in color masterbatch, plastic rubber raw material market and related industries
The color masterbatch enterprise directory network is based on the service of plastic particle granulation market trade, through the integration of manufacturing plants, traders, distributors, agents and wholesalers to improve the technology and online e-business level of Color Masterbatch plants, to provide e-commerce display platform for color masterbatch and plastic rubber product markets and companies in related industries, and through China and other countries' plastics Vertical market segments interact to form a large-scale plastic network market of "multilingual + multi-national".

Plastic Color Masterbatch:
Color Masterbatch, plastic masterbatch, color masterbatch, black masterbatch, White Masterbatch and functional masterbatch products, all kinds of filler masterbatch, multi-functional polyolefin filler masterbatch, polyolefin masterbatch, glass fiber reinforced polypropylene, Toughening Masterbatch, polyester masterbatch; whitening masterbatch,
Defoamer masterbatch, PE defoamer masterbatch, plastic defoamer masterbatch, PE dehydration masterbatch, PE anti-aging masterbatch, PP anti-aging masterbatch, PE dehydration masterbatch, PE defoamer masterbatch, plastic defoamer masterbatch, PE anti-aging masterbatch, PP anti-aging masterbatch, fragrance masterbatch, transparent masterbatch, PP transparent masterbatch, new environmental protection plastic transparent masterbatch, aluminate coupling agent, stearic acid, sodium chloride powder, PP recycled masterbatch, etc,

White Masterbatch, black masterbatch, color masterbatch, polypropylene chemical fiber masterbatch and other series of products,
Functional masterbatch includes anti-static, anti-aging, flame-retardant, smooth, anti fog and other series of products. The main product applications are: special masterbatch for pipes, special masterbatch for wires and cables, special masterbatch for drip irrigation belt, special masterbatch for injection molding and film blowing, spinning masterbatch, conductive masterbatch, flame retardant masterbatch and other functional masterbatch. Injection molding, extrusion, coating, casting, drawing, blow molding, spinning and other plastic processing.

PE film blowing masterbatch; PP non-woven masterbatch calcium carbonate; talcum powder; barium sulfate; Color Masterbatch, functional masterbatch, sanding material, light diffusion material, products are widely used in plastic, silica gel, automobile, electronics, toys, luminous powder, optical plate, daily goods, paint, ink and coating and other fields,

Pigments: color pigments, pigment green, pigment blue, pigment yellow, pigment red, pigment orange, plastic additives, etc;

Color powder: titanium dioxide, luminous powder, fluorescent whitening agent, light dispersing powder, fluorescent powder, whitening agent, dispersant, etc., R & D and manufacture of Color Masterbatch, functional masterbatch and plastic color matching and manufacture of color powder, various plastic dyeing and modified engineering plastics, production of PP, PE, pet, PA and other nucleating agent, light diffusing agent plastic related plastic pigment auxiliary products, and provide color matching clothes according to different requirements of customers The factory enterprise.

Plastic directory has accumulated profound professional background in the plastic rubber industry for many years and unique vertical and horizontal depth technology in the field of network and software. It can provide different customized strategies and technical solutions for different company positioning and market demand, which is the key point that our plastic directory cannot be easily imitated by other peers. Tel: +86-1538-283-6112 We can be your strategy depth and your great advantages!

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