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Making plastic, this is how I make money!

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Note: The fastest agent I work with will issue orders within 7 days of learning. People who don't know how to do it at all.

1: Networking, because I have been focusing on plastics for 14 years, and I have known many friends for more than 10 years. Now most of them are successful people, luxury cars, luxury houses, and large companies! Because they also make plastics, I told them that if I help them sell the products, they would give me the lowest price. It’s easy to go if you have more friends.

2: I have to be professional and focus on doing one thing. I have been in the plastic industry ever since I came out of school. I have never changed the industry. I can and have tried any business model in this industry. You need to understand the product, because the goal is to make more than 1,000 products and build a plastic Jingdong Mall, so you must be familiar with the application of the product.

3: Sales. In this era, the material is rich, and the aroma of wine is also afraid of deep alleys. There are many promotion channels. For example: Google, Baidu, Alibaba, and some vertical e-commerce platforms, but such platforms are expensive to promote , Is not suitable for start-ups. Now that there are more people, the effect is not obvious, and the investment cannot be exchanged for return. Free, WeChat Moments, WeChat groups, just take a moment to post. The effect comes much faster. As long as you post, someone will ask, sample, and make a deal. Of course, all kinds of promotion are definitely needed later. In short, the investment must be rewarded, and no money will be wasted.

4: Team, divide the money. According to the price set by the company, a commission of 200 yuan/ton per ton is sold. If the price is higher than the company's price, all the extra profits will be given to the sales staff. If you can bring in people to make a deal, an extra RMB 50/ton will be awarded to the recommender.

5: Product positioning, the plastic has new materials, recycled materials, modified plastics, and sluggish plastics in the warehouse. At first I made new materials, but after the e-commerce platform came out, the price became very transparent, and it slowly turned into a gambling game. If you look at the market and eat, you can make a lot of money if you increase the price, and then return to the liberation overnight. before. Modified plastics, I opened a factory and lost more than 20 million yuan but failed to do it. The competition is very fierce. The big customers are stared at by the big peers. It will not give us a chance. Customers also have high requirements for suppliers. They require this system and that certification. The investment has not been small before the business has started. The threshold is high. Later, I chose to make recycled materials, sluggish materials, and the price was opaque. There was room for me to survive, and the highest profit on a single order was nearly 200,000. In order to stabilize my monthly income, I added some modified plastics.

6: Financial management: All my business is paid first, then goods are paid. Cash sales are not on credit, accounts receivable, and money received from the underworld. So I always have cash in my account. When doing financial management, there are hundreds of thousands in a month. Of course, there are special circumstances: for example, if I encounter a major customer, I am more at ease with a listed company. Properly count the accounts and make more than 50% profit. Receipt once every 3-4 months. But it's still a good deal.

7: Increase revenue and reduce expenditure: At present, my company does its responsibilities for my father, my wife, and my mother. I am responsible for purchasing and integrating resources. My wife is in charge of sales and building a team. My father is in charge of money and sales logistics. My mother is responsible for hygiene and cooking. The other is outsourcing. Calling cars is outsourcing, warehouses are outsourcing, and running errands is called Didi, express. The business is to hire agents, no basic salary, high anti-commission model. So apart from family expenses and operating expenses, there are no other expenses.

8: Profit, combining large profits but quick turnover with small profits but quick turnover. We are all businesses that have profits first and then expenses. The company's finances are relatively healthy. When I see some sluggish materials that need to be processed by others, I will bargain and take them all. This is high profits. The highest single profit is nearly 200,000.

9: Continuous development, bigger and stronger!

At present, our company sends out 10 samples every day, no matter how much it is, I always ask the customer to send it to me, not free. The courier fee is paid by the customer.

The fastest agent I work with will issue orders within 7 days of learning. People who don't know how to do it at all.

My ultimate dream is

Sell 10,000 products

Help 1,000 people earn 500,000 per year

Create a plastic "Jingdong" out
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