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MDL-S "Meidele" analog technology plastic metal separator

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Brand: Meidele
Price: 2760.00Dollars/Set
Min.Order: 1 Set
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: Myanmar
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2018-01-26 06:12
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MDL-S series of metal detection separators, ultra high sensitivity, ultra high stability, and the import of metal separator equivalent. It can be used to detect all metal foreign objects, such as copper, iron, aluminum, tin and so on. To optimize the design of the plastic industry, to overcome the impact of the plastic itself, and to maintain the high sensitivity of the test.


Characteristics of MDL-S series Metal Detector

It can be separated from materials containing magnetic or nonmagnetic metals (such as iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.)It can be used separately by the crusher, and the broken raw material is directly through the metal separator, and the material containing metal is separated.Prevent metal impurities from entering the injection molding machine and other equipment, to protect the equipment of the screw, mold hot runner, etc.

The metal separator is easy to operate and is equipped with a support to make it convenient for customers to use.

Note: this quote does not have a barrel.


Core control part:


Control system:GERMAN MEITLE

Solenoid valve:Japan SMC


Application Industry:

Special injection industry (recycling of crusher)


Sensitivity parameter:

Blanking diameter


Detection accuracy(Fe ,SUS)



Fe:0.3mm  sus:0.5mm



Fe:0.5mm  sus:0.8mm



Fe:1.0mm  sus:1.5mm

Evan Chan
Tel: +86-153-8283-6112 Skype: heating.alloy
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