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Parts of Mercedes-Benz Aromatherapy Machine-Plastic Mould, plastic products metal strength and have

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Compared with hardware, plastics have better plasticity, can shape products with more complex structures, and can effectively reduce the weight of products. It has been widely used in consumer electronic products or household appliances, smart products.
But there are still some shortcomings in plastic products, such as the strength of plastic, the texture of plastic, compared with metal products, there are still some gaps. So how do we make plastic products metal strength and have a metal texture? As far as our Mercedes-Benz aromatherapy product is concerned, it's completely done. Yes, you're right!
This is not a hardware mould, but a plastic product formed by plastic mould. Subsequently, the surface of the product is treated by electroplating. Compared with ordinary electroplating, the electroplating layer of this product is 0.15mm thick, with metal strength and impact resistance, and is much harder and lighter than ordinary aluminium alloy or zinc alloy.

Contact: Cell:+86-1371-7071-949

precision plastic mould processing
Production area more than 4000 sqms;
Mold equipment: CNC machining center 6 sets, 4 sets spark machines, 6 sets milling machines, 3 sets grinders, well-known brands;
Four sets wire cutters, one rocker drill and one tapper, fully realize the integration of CAD/CAM processing;
Injection equipment: more than 20 sets injection moulding machines ranging from 60 tons to 420 tons;
service life of the die is 500,000 times without distortion
You will have high quality die experience:
Japan MITUTOYO CMM instrument and projection cubic element are used to measure die size and product size with high precision.
The precision of the product is (+0.02 mm) and the service life of the die is 500,000 times without distortion.
Lung Kee Mould base is fixed to ensure die accuracy, production life and original product data preservation.
Injection Molding Material: More than 10 years imported raw material agent supply, strictly control product size shrinkage, appearance color difference, pioneer and other errors, while ensuring environmental requirements.

technical engineers and toolmakers team
Aboundant experience;
Large amount of free mold opening;
evaluate the rationality of customer drawings, give suggestions to optimize product structure, effectively control time and capital cost;
More than 20 years of experience in technical engineers and toolmakers team, to meet your different customized needs;
Emergency production plan flexibly solves customers'urgent needs and ensures delivery time.

Efficient service: 24 hours a day's service to create customer satisfaction beyond expectations;
Strictly in accordance with GE's service standards;
Provide all technical support in die life, all problems in one step.

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