ZG-3 inch miniature open mill

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Brand: Zhenggong
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Updated on: 2019-06-05 20:48
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1. Mixing capacity: 2-60g
2. Drum Temperature: Normal Temperature to 300 C
3. Heating mode: electric heating (latest process design, patent oil heating, automatic constant temperature precision)
4. Temperature Precision: +2 C (Temperature Controller adopts high precision P I D intelligent micro-computer control system, internal constant auto-calculating function, higher precision than manual setting, time-saving. With over-temperature alarm function, protect machinery and production materials)
5. Rotary speed of drum: fixed speed about 19 revolutions (can be added with frequency conversion) speed regulation and other speeds are freely customized.
6. Roller Speed Ratio: 1:1.25 (Other Speed Ratio can be customized free of charge according to customer needs)
7. Drum size: 76mm *L 300 mm (hard chromium mirror treatment on high hardness surface, non-stick, non-delamination)
8. Roller spacing: 0.1-3 mm adjustable
9. Safety device: multiple touch emergency stoppers (safety with reversal function first, humanized design, workers will always be safe without work-related injuries)
10. MADA: 1KW1 (latest process design, mechanical structure adjustment, as large as 2.2KW output torque of traditional process mechanical transmission, to achieve the purpose of energy saving)
11. work rate: 6KW
12. Volume: (W *D *H) 1100 *400 *1180mm is smaller than that of traditional process under the same function 13. Drum lubrication: excellent wear-resistant bearing contact area is larger than that of traditional copper sleeve, and its service life is 2/3 longer than that of traditional copper sleeve.
14. Mechanical structure: steel plate (lighter weight, smaller volume, better mechanical strength and toughness than traditional cast iron)
15. Power supply 5, AC380V, 5A
16. Weight about 160

TEL: (+86) 153 8283 6112 Email: brotherc@163.com
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