ZG-45SJ desktop micro twin screw extruder (PLC touch screen control)

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ZG-45SJ Small Twin Screw Extruder
Product advantages: small size, easy to clean, main engine, water tank cooling, tractor, winder in a production line to achieve multi-function, you can also choose one of the functions or several functions, according to customer needs, flexible collocation of technology.
ZG-45SJ desktop micro twin screw extruder (PLC touch screen control)
(1) Screw diameter: 45mm material note: alloy steel and stainless steel screw barrel according to customer's choice
(2) Length-diameter ratio: L/D=40:1 can be matched arbitrarily according to customers'needs.
(3) Screw speed range: 15-120 rpm (other speed free customization)
(4) AC 55KW motor is used in twin-screw main engine, and frequency converter is used to adjust speed.
(5) Reducer: Gears and shaft parts are made of high strength alloy steel. Gears (shafts) are carburized, quenched and grinded. The gear accuracy is GB10095-88, grade 6, and the hardness of the tooth surface is HRC56-62 degrees.
(6) Twin-screw barrel 38CrMoAlA nitrided steel is nitrided as a whole. The depth of nitrided layer is 0.4-0.5mm. The barrel adopts special air-cooled device. The barrel is heated by stainless steel resistance heater in different stages. The temperature control instrument of the barrel is intelligent, high precision and accurate in temperature measurement and control.
(7) The screw is nitrided with 38CrMoAlA nitrided steel and the depth of nitrided layer is 0.4-0.5mm, which ensures that the material has enough thrust and does not decompose.
(8) Electrical control system
A) The main electrical control components are Omron, German Golden Peak products.
B) Control buttons are German Golden Peak products
C) Heating is controlled by temperature control system in touch screen through solid state relay, and high temperature resistant wire is used.
D) Electrical control cabinet control includes: temperature control system, drive system, interlocking control system

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