ZG-3LKH laboratory small electric hot water cold open-close mixer

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1. Volume of mixer: 2.8L-3L
2. Main motor: AC motor, power 7.5 kW
3. Reducer: The base and frame are welded with low carbon steel and contain forced lubrication cycle system.
4. Rotor: double-edged and synchronous rotor structure (also designed and manufactured according to the rotor structure diagram provided by users). Specific parameters of front-back rotor speed ratio of 1:1.20 or ST synchronous rotor can be customized according to customers'needs free of charge. Cast steel quenching and hardening treatment, hard chromium plating on the surface; bearing is ball-shaft roller bearing; bearing lubrication bath; rotor is the most important. High speed: 3L: 36 RPM specific speed can be customized free of charge according to customer needs
5. Surface wall: steel structure, drilling heating, hardening and hard chromium plating on the inner surface;
6. Bracket: steel structure, hardened inner surface with hard chromium plating;
7. Top bolt: cylinder driven, hard chromium plated surface
8. End seal: high wear-resistant material for sealing ring, self-lubricating bearing, hinge spring top-pressing seal
9. Feeding hopper: manual operation
10. Control mode: operation separately manual and semi-automatic;
Maximum Temperature of Internal Mixer: Standard Internal Mixer is tap water temperature - Normal temperature + 10 - 300 High Temperature Internal Mixer has done 650 mechanical main body
11. The base frame is welded with profiled steel and steel plate and made by processing.
12. The middle trough of mixing room is made of wear-resistant alloy steel.
Side wall is welded and processed with medium carbon steel plate.
13. Alloy steel is used for the axis and blade of stirring shaft
14. Bearing seats are made of ZG20 steel and bearings are made of roller bearings.
15. Feeding device This machine is designed as front feeding device. The pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the air valve designated by the user.
16. The side end of the mixing shaft of the leak-proof device is tightened by mechanical shaft seal. The leak-proof structure has won the national patent.
Pressurizing cover device
17. The pressure cap is made of alloy steel. During the mixing operation, the pressure is applied on the raw material, and the air cylinder is used for vertical lifting up and down.
Unloading device
18. Opening and closing unloading of structural mixing chamber
19. Discharge mode: Side plate, mixing chamber W slot can be opened flexibly to complete fast 10 seconds opening.
20. Unloading power: driven by cylinder
Transmission structure
21. The 7.5KW AC voltage of the main motor is 440V 415V 380V 220V 110V, which can be selected according to customers'requirements.
22. Driving mode The main motor and reducer are connected.
23. Air pressure piping, compressed air fittings (three-point combination, solenoid valve) and mechanical body piping
Main electrical control equipment
24. Temperature setting: automatic and manual
25. There are prompt actions, various time settings, alarms; can achieve positive and negative.
Advantage of machine platform
26. The main electrical parts are imported brands, and the whole machine bearings are made of American Timken TWB brand.
28. Mixing trough "mountain" type, the main body of mixing trough is made of wear-resistant alloy steel, and the shear part is surfacing welded with Xidefeng steel.
29. Side wall leak-proof device uses high-tech materials: leak-proof structure won national patent
30. Pressure cover adopts "M" structure to make the mixture more uniform and thorough.
31. Volume: (W * D * H) 1650 * 900 * 1890MM
32. weight: 1680KG

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