ZG-20TSD Semi-automatic Press Machine for Laboratory

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Brand: Zhenggong
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Address: China
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Updated on: 2019-11-19 23:53
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Product advantages: automatic rise, automatic constant pressure, automatic constant temperature, automatic water intake, automatic heating in constant pressure state, automatic cold cutting and manual drop

Features: High performance oil pressure system, with automatic pressure compensation function, preset pressure. High precision, high wear-resistant guide pillar, strong load force, stable lifting; using imported technology to deal with electric heating plate material, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fast heat transfer, no deformation. Humanized oil circuit design, when it reaches the set pressure, it will automatically pressurize or compensate. Fully satisfied with GB/T 8658-1998.

The raw materials are placed in the casting mould and clamped between the electromechanical heating plates to form the raw materials for testing, which can be used as the basis for mass production of batching materials in the factory.
Volume: 0-20T adjustable, parallelism adjustable
2. Working Temperature Range: Arbitrary Adjustable Between Normal Temperature + 10-300 ("Standard Configuration Temperature")
The highest temperature has been done at room temperature - 300 C - 500 C - 760 C (three grades)
3. The total pressure acting on the plate is at least 20KN.
4. Flat area: 225mm*225mm (other areas can be customized according to demand)
Working area (heating uniform surface or actual heating surface): 225mm*225mm,
5. Maximum oil pressure: 20 tons, oil pressure system is not easy to leak, plate is not easy to rust surface covered with stainless steel plate treatment, can also choose surface plating hard chromium.
6. Rising speed of pressure plate: 60 mm/min.
7. The maximum rising space of the platen is 70 mm.
8. Oil Pressure System: Automatic Rising Pressure Maintenance System
9. Cylinder stroke: Max 70mm can be customized according to customer requirements
10. Cylinder speed: 60mm/min
11. Pressure gauge: 0-350 kg/sq.cm
Volume: (W *D *H) 700 *550 *850 mm
13. Power supply: 5, AC380V, 10A
14. Weight: about 185 kg

TEL: (+86) 153 8283 6112 Email: brotherc@163.com
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