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Viego Global

We are here to bring you the best local products at the best price.

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VIEGO GLOBAL is an established Sourcing and Trading company based in Vietnam.
The company supplies all Agriculture Products from Vietnam through the carefully selected certified Manufacturers.
Our team is highly proficient in English. With its presence at the factory location, the company has the capability to professionally source, manufacture and execute order providing maximum benefit to our clients in terms of delivering a wide range of products at the best competitive pricing.

We provide:

Robusta/Arabica coffee green beans S16,18 Grade 1

Robusta/Arabica coffee roasted beans S16,18 Grade 1

Instant coffee cappuccino

Instant coffee 3in1

Instant Black Coffee Americano, Espresso - Spray dried

Instant Black Coffee Americano, Espresso - Freeze dried

Rice (ST24, ST25, 5451, etc.)

Pepper (black and white pepper)

Cashew nuts

Coconut products (Coconut oil, Desiccated coconut, Coconut water. etc)

Tin Canned fish

Tapioc... [Details]